Iron Mike Boxing Highlights

We have posted this amazing highlights video of Iron Mike’s boxing career for all the Smoke Cones boxing fans out there. Please sit back, spark a cone and watch this amazing video and see why they call him “The Baddest man on the Planet”.

For nearly three decades, Mike Tyson has been a legend both in and out of the ring. Tenacious, talented, and thrilling to watch, Tyson embodies the grit and electricity of boxing, along with the wit and flair of a truly larger-than-life personality.

With nicknames like “Iron Mike,” “Kid Dynamite,” and “The Baddest Man on the Planet,” it’s no surprise that Tyson was once the most feared fighter in all of boxing. One look at the long list of his victories and accomplishments is all that it takes to see that he is one of boxing’s all time greats. While most fight fans know that Tyson was once the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world, few realize that before Tyson, no boxer had ever won the three biggest belts in prizefighting—the WBC, WBA and IBF world heavyweight titles. None, besides Tyson, have ever owned them simultaneously!


4 thoughts on “Iron Mike Boxing Highlights

  1. Tyson was HUGE as a teenager… I mean come’on? I wanna see that birth certificate. He look about 250lbs at 18yrs old:) How did he get “picked on” throughout his childhood as he proclaims… Those bullies are stOOOOpid. Guy is the nuts

  2. Because after Cus D’mato died, he got involved with that moron Don King. He was the one that screwed tyson up.

  3. He always talked a lot of ****. He went downhill as a fighter because age caught up with him and he was not strong mentally . He peaked very young

  4. People wonder why Tyson started going down hill from such an AMAZING boxer…

    I watched that Tyson documentary and he said he lost his passion for the sport. He said he didn’t really care about his final bouts and just hyped up his fights to generate the money he needed to pay off debts, use in retirement and so on.

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