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98mm Neon Mix Plastic J-Tubes (VL13H) 1000/Box
Neon Mix Plastic J-Tubes

98mm Neon Mix Plastic J-Tubes (VL13H) 1000/Box

Your Price: $130.95
Part Number: VL13H-FLMIX-1000

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1 - 5 $130.95
6+ $126.95
LAVials are small plastic tubes and vials that are used for storing pre rolls. These tubes are made in the USA from 100% recyclable polypropylene plastic. Thanks to their unique hinged lid design these vials are moisture and air resistant providing much needed security during transportation and long term storage. The VL13H J-Tube holds both the 98mm pre rolled cones. This container is not child resistant. The Neon Mix J-Tube pack features a mix of the 6 opaque neon color options. All Colors are not guaranteed to be in each box, nor are even amounts guaranteed.

Cones J-Tubes Made In USA

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