Bio Organic HMP Cones®

Bio Organic Paper Cones®

Bio Organic Paper Cones® are made from 100% certified organic pulp, which gives our customers the cleanest smoking experience possible. The bio organic paper used to make these cones is certified to be grown without any artificial fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides and is even gluten free. Need more information on our bio organic cones? Feel free to email or call us at any time!

Single Size 0.4g 70mm 26mm
Special Small 0.6g 84mm 26mm
Small 1.0g 98mm 20mm
Small De Luxe 0.8g 98mm 26mm
Reefer Slim 0.5g 109mm 40mm
King 1.3g 109mm 20mm
King De Luxe 1.1g 109mm 26mm
Party Size 1.8g 140mm 26mm
Super Sized 3.8g 180mm 58mm
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