1. Large Herb Shredder With Container
Large Herb Shredder With Container
Large Herb Shredder

Large Herb Shredder With Container

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Part Number: 200-0021
If you are looking for an easy and convenient way to grind up large amounts of herbs than you have stumbled across the right product! The Large Herb Shredder from Smokecones® is the quickest way to shred mass amounts of herb in as short a time as possible. Thanks to the strong aluminum shredding grate, you can rest assure that your herbs will be ground up perfectly the very first time. Attached to the aluminum grate is a large plastic container that catches all of the ground up herb so clean up is no problem. This product also comes with a separate lid that securely attaches to the container so you can safely store and transport your herbs without fear of spilling or other contaminants entering your product.

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